Stories - Angela

    09.30.17 |

    Angela. This lady is a ray of sunshine. Angela started attending our church 3 months ago. As a servant to our community and actively involved in church, Angela has a desire to be present to those in need, using her gifting of hospitality, conversation, and support. Angela prayerfully engages others’ needs in all areas and she is sincere in her actions and genuine in her love for others. Angela was looking for a new church after 20 years of faithfully serving at her previous church. Sometimes when church’s transition their focus changes. Angela knew God was calling her out and calling her into something else. She visited other churches, seeking the right fit. Then, she came into our doors, familiar with our place and presence because of our involvement in the community and immediately felt at home. She has been rooted ever since and has begun to branch out. She is an example of Godly love and compassion. Her wisdom is notable.  The Lord’s Grace is grateful for Angela and are thrilled to have her serving with us.