Stories - Vinny & Yvette

    09.30.17 |

    We love this couple! Yvette & Vinny have been married for six years  this September.

    They are people of smiles and compassion, but like any other, they have had trials and hurt. As their church family, we have seen God do miracles through their family and their influence. The foundation of who they are is service. Vinny actively serves and leads a weekly homeless ministry outreach in downtown LA tastefully named “Jesus and Coffee.” Just that. Prayer, fellowship, presence, and engagement with those ignored. Yvette is often present with them, for they do not serve separately, but always together. In their business, in their church, in their community they are there. Their faithfulness is so sweet even when hurt and loss have been present. Through their struggle with infertility, God has created a thriving miracle within Yvette’s womb and a baby is on the way, with a debut scheduled for December. Their struggle of infertility and loss has been heartbreaking. Yet through the suffering and pain, God is sovereign and their eyes have remained there. Their service and story encourages us!