Proclaiming the Gospel through our finances

We encourage all of those who are part of our Church family to give not out of obligation but out of worship. Your gifts allow God's work to be done in the community. 

Securely Give On-line

Your information is held securely by an SSL encrypted connections. This information will remain private and will never be given away to third parties, other than to process your scheduled contributions.

Ways to Give

There are many easy ways for you to give. Including one time gifts and reoccurring giving through our church app, online giving portal, mail, or even during our worship experience.

PushPay is available online and through our church app. You can securely give online through a reliable and trustworhty resource that keeps all your information safe! You can even designate these funds into certain areas like general tithe or a retreat payment.

Mail- You can mail in your offering and/or tithe to: The Lord’s Grace POBOX 1303 Downey, CA 90240

In Service- We do take an offering during each worship experience.

A GIVING box in the lobby of our church. We use this for special offerings and donations such as giving to an outreach program or missionary team we support.  


Securely Give

Your gift helps us live out our vision to serve the world.

Give Online

Giving FAQ's

  1. Giving is in the heart of God
  2. “God so loved that He gave…”
  3. Our giving is an expression of our love, faith, obedience and thanksgiving to God. When we receive the love of God in our hearts (Rom 5:5) we also learn to give from our hearts.
  4. Our giving is a response to the blessing of having the Lord in our lives. His love for us is unconditional and so amazing. We cannot outgive Him.
  5. We give by faith at least a tenth of what he has given to us (Mal 3:10; Mat 23:23). By this firstfruits "of the top giving" (Prov 3:9-10) we acknowledge to God that we are but managers of all that He has blessed us with.
  6. By our giving in faith we trust God to provide for us, believing we can live better of 90% . (Mal 3:10; Luke 6:38; 2 Cor 9:6).
  7. Our giving is an act of obedience to give and His example left for us to follow (Mat 22:21).
  8. We are so thankful for what Our God has done for us and in us (2 Cor 9:15).
  9. We welcome therefore His invitation to participate financially in the sharing of the needs of His Church, local and global and to the community in general as our expression of His love.
  10. God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7).
  11. As a Body of Christ we believe in living a well rounded spiritual life that involves the practice and balance of all spiritual disciplines, one including financial stability.
  12. We encourage you to GIVE by using any or all of the different options available to you. One simple  secure and efficient way is using PUSHPAY available through our website and App.


  • 2018 Annual Report
  • Vision for 2019

2019 will be a year of creating new rhythms at The Lord's Grace. We have declared it in our minds and hearts that this will be one where we Release the Wander. We will not have a year of aimless purpose but enthusiasm that is significant and spirit lead toward history making in our every day lives. Each series, grace group, and outreach opportunity will be rooted in how to Release the Wander embracing what God has for us! 

We are also moving to two services; one in English and one in Spanish! We are growing and continuing to be obedient in WONDER of all God has for us at The Lord's Grace.