Current Series

I Declare War

Are you a fighting a war within? Sometimes we get held hostage by a version of ourselves we don’t want to be. But in this four-part series authored by Pastor Levi Lusko, we will discover how to get out of our own way and declare war on the things that are holding you back. You’ll never be the same after discovering the secret weapons you need to achieve ongoing victory.

Genius of Jesus

We spend our lives looking for the answers to life’s questions, but maybe we’re missing what’s been right in front of us all along. Instructions that stand the test of time. Explanations that defy human logic. Find the answer you’ve been looking for as we discover the uncomplicated truth of history’s greatest genius.

But What About...

The hard stuff. The sticky things. The topics you tend to shy away from in conversation, just because or maybe you don't really feel the same with what the Word explains about things our culture and family even tell us to accept. This series, "What About,"  will conquer some popular yet hard topics of discussion that swirl around our culture. It is important to not just know what the Word says, but also be able to have a conversation with peace. Light is so much better than darkness and the only way we can become a brighter light is through our understanding of the hard things. 

The Beauty of the Bible

Storytelling is the art of remembering. There is so much in Scripture we overlook and don't study, not on purpose, but because it can be intimidating. In this series, we will explore what the Bible is and why it's necessary for us, so we can fall in love with it and better know it's place of importance in our lives. 

Release the Wander

Psalm 16:8 "I keep my eyes on the Lord. With Him, I will not be shaken." 

2019 is here and were are creating anew rhythm at The Lord's Grace a we begin a new year. We have declared it in our minds and hearts that this will be one where we release the wander. We will not have a year of aimless purpose and enthusiasm that is not insignificant but spirit lead and history making. 

Declare it with us! Together, we are releasing the wander! 

Be Generous

December is here! Our new series, "Be Generous"is a value at The Lord's Grace and an example Jesus set for all of us. Being Generous is not just about finances. It is understanding that we have an opportunity to be generous with our time, our love, our forgiveness, gifts, and presence. 

God created us to be a light and we can be used by Him through our time and talents. 

You see, the generosity of Jesus is everlasting and rooted in love. And as we welcome one of the happiest times of the year it is our prayer here at The Lord's Grace that these messages Wille encourage you in your gifting and shift your perspective on what it means to be generous through the light of Jesus. 

Ghost Stories: Adventures with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit. 1 of 3 parts in the trinity and sent to accomplish God's work within us. We sing about the Holy Spirit, we talk about it, but do we understand fully what is means to have the Holy Spirit dwell within us. Our series, Ghost Stories: Adventures with the Holy Spirit will take us on a journey of understanding who the Holy Spirit is in Scripture and how critical it is for us to understand the power that has been given to us. Who lives within us, who leads us, who empowers us... the Holy Spirit is present and we are embarking on an adventure to discover what God's word says and how we respond in understanding and prayer. 

Brighten Women's Conference 2018

Brighten Women's Conference was held at The Lord's Grace Church on November 9th-10th of 2018. We had guest speakers come from all over to share encouraging us that we can, empowering us that we are equipped to do, and reminding us that we have a territory to enlarge because God is calling us to something BIG! 

Take a listen to each Main Session and Breakout Session (you may have missed), get your notebook out, and soak it all in! 

Burn the White Flag

A white flag is a symbol of surrender. I give up. We give you. You win. We are your captives. In times of battle, as history has shown, a white flag was mandatory to "have" n hand, but victors left it hidden. Why, because they were confident of victory. There has been a shift in our Christian culture to take back was was lost and weak out in victory over situations and circumstances that seem hopeless. It's about perseverance even though we cannot see the light of victory ahead. But HE promises esthete things. Victory and restoration and healing and so much more. This month our series is titled, "Burn the White Flag" and that's exactly what we are going to do! 

Our Summer Favs

S U M M E R is here and oh what a time it will be! This month at TLG Church we will be hosting some of our favorite speakers who are both apart of our fellowship or serve outside our walls. Each message and week will be different with a new speaker to encourage you in whatever season you may be in. We are thrilled and honor to have a collection of voices who love our church and what TLG Church is doing in Downey. So don't miss out! Be surprised each week and get ready to LEAN in! 

My Big Fat Mouth

In today's world, "little sins" like criticism, complaining, gossipy and lying aren't just shrugged off but sometimes are encouraged and even celebrated. In truth, these sins have the same deadly price tag as any other. They destroy relationships, weekend our ability to represent Christ, and separate us from the life God wants us to live. You see, words are powerful. They can eat us down or lift us up. They wound and they heal. And the right words at the right time can be exactly what we need to hear or what we need to say. Let's find the right words in our new series, My Big Fat Mouth.