Current Series

Meant to Be

How to Neighbor

As the world grows more connected, our neighbors are closer than ever. You might not share a fence, but you can still share their burdens and joys. How to Neighbor is a four-week series with a strong push for local missions. Each week focuses on a different aspect of how to build relationships with our neighbors and how to do good in the context of those relationships. We'll talk about racism and empowering the poor to name a few. It's tough topics, but conversations we need to have. We're praying this series will equip you to impact our community for Jesus better and wiser! 

Spiritual Warfare Awareness

As we continue our theme of TRAIN this year,  throughout this month we will share on  Spiritual Warfare. This series will not just be informational, it will be training. Training to be used in your daily Christian life for the battle we fight and face. These must haves are critical so we will never be unaware of the Devil's schemes. We encourage you all to join us on Wednesday Nights for a in-depth bible study and q&a regarding this series and be mindful of what is being taught! Let us continue to TRAIN well together!

Family First

In this series, we will explore themes centered on the importance each of you have in your family dynamic and why it matters to serve together. It will be a good shift and great theme to  as we continue out pursuit of TRAIN together! 

Life's Healing Choices

As we continue our pursuit of TRAIN this year, we understand how important it is to turn to our heart toward healing. Our new series “Life’s Healing Choice,” is geared toward enjoying spiritual freedom from hurts, hangups, and bad habits. No matter how hard we try to heal or recover, Christ is the source of lasting change. We no longer need to fight with fear, frustration, fatigue, and failure because we are unable to overcome. The cure- admitting your weakness with a humble heart paired with prayer, reflection, and accountability. Now is the time church- Happiness and Healing are yours for the choosing! 

Disciple: Be One.Make One

Disciple: Be One. Make One. Growing deeper, better, and aligned with the teachings of Jesus is key into being a lifelong follower of God’s Word. We no longer have to be desperate but equipped to share with others. Join us for a 6 week study on how to develop a better understanding of spreading the Gospel of Jesus through our actions. 

It's About Vision

A New Year always brings forth new promises, new goals, and new perspectives. We believe in a a VISION lead by God’s wisdom over each and every one of your lives, and it’s through that vision, you build a mission. A mission that should lead all your actions. This series is about all those things and how you have the opportunity to be used by God because you are growing and seeking Him. 

He Is Here

The birth of our savior is one of the most important events in history. Period. His birth brought so much. Promise. Provision. Forgiveness. Grace. Never Ending Love. The list goes on and on. This Christmas season we are excited to end our 2016 year of TEND well with our hearts centered on the constant reminder that Jesus' birth was God's redemptive plan in action for all of His children. Jesus' presence continues to reign in us all with the acceptance of Him into our lives and all that tags along with it. Join us as we close this year out focusing on all God can do through us, because HE IS HERE. 


As we enter our Holiday season, we will begin a new series called THANK.FULL. Amidst the CHANGE we have come to learn and see while continuing our focus on our theme TEND, we recognize PRAISE is a critical component to our honoring and thanking God for what He continues to do for us and through us. Let us look towards all the many things that fill us with thanks.


We thought we had a plan. We thought we knew how it would turn out... and then something happened, something changed. Wow.

That is the thing about change. It comes unexpectedly sometimes or not quite how we envisioned. Change doesn’t have to bad, rather our response to that CHANGE is what matters. This month, our series will focus on the theme of change and how some of God’s Heros in the scripture dealt with it and how we can modify to change too.

What are you Hearing?

God speaks to us in incredible ways and sometimes inspires us to get that WORD out. During this series, we will be sharing some of those "stirrings," as we prepare for a new season at The Lord's Grace.