Current Series

Release the Wander

Psalm 16:8 "I keep my eyes on the Lord. With Him, I will not be shaken." 

2019 is here and were are creating anew rhythm at The Lord's Grace a we begin a new year. We have declared it in our minds and hearts that this will be one where we release the wander. We will not have a year of aimless purpose and enthusiasm that is not insignificant but spirit lead and history making. 

Declare it with us! Together, we are releasing the wander! 

It's About Vision

A New Year always brings forth new promises, new goals, and new perspectives. We believe in a a VISION lead by God’s wisdom over each and every one of your lives, and it’s through that vision, you build a mission. A mission that should lead all your actions. This series is about all those things and how you have the opportunity to be used by God because you are growing and seeking Him. 

He Is Here

The birth of our savior is one of the most important events in history. Period. His birth brought so much. Promise. Provision. Forgiveness. Grace. Never Ending Love. The list goes on and on. This Christmas season we are excited to end our 2016 year of TEND well with our hearts centered on the constant reminder that Jesus' birth was God's redemptive plan in action for all of His children. Jesus' presence continues to reign in us all with the acceptance of Him into our lives and all that tags along with it. Join us as we close this year out focusing on all God can do through us, because HE IS HERE. 


As we enter our Holiday season, we will begin a new series called THANK.FULL. Amidst the CHANGE we have come to learn and see while continuing our focus on our theme TEND, we recognize PRAISE is a critical component to our honoring and thanking God for what He continues to do for us and through us. Let us look towards all the many things that fill us with thanks.


We thought we had a plan. We thought we knew how it would turn out... and then something happened, something changed. Wow.

That is the thing about change. It comes unexpectedly sometimes or not quite how we envisioned. Change doesn’t have to bad, rather our response to that CHANGE is what matters. This month, our series will focus on the theme of change and how some of God’s Heros in the scripture dealt with it and how we can modify to change too.

What are you Hearing?

God speaks to us in incredible ways and sometimes inspires us to get that WORD out. During this series, we will be sharing some of those "stirrings," as we prepare for a new season at The Lord's Grace. 

Faith of our Fathers Series

Patriarchs. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Men who God used in different ways to fulfill His promises that paved the way for the growth of His people and the coming of His Son Jesus. We honor the men of our faith and the father's today whom God has blessed us with. 


We are all UnQualified and  over the next 5 weeks, we will be studying how to come to terms with the good, the bad, and the unmentionable in our lives- and learning how to let God use us in spite of our mess. No longer to do we have to be disappointed in our failures our weaknesses. We know God has created us for purpose, it's time to embrace the mess and open our hearts to healing and serving a God who does ALL THINGS for His GOOD! 


What is the difference between C2C. To consume or to contribute? As Christians, it is important we understand what a difference life with Jesus will be if we choose to contribute rather than just only consume. This series is one we know will bless you and help you to further connect with others within our church while TENDING to your self.

Raised to Life

This series Raised to LIFE will focus on the power of the cross and the sacrifice that was made in our name. Bottom line sin is string, but Jesus is STRONGER!!! Our shame was great, but Jesus is GREATER!!! We have the opportunity to not just overcome but pursue the calling God has placed over our lives but accepting HIM into our hearts and taking the stand to turn away from sin and be raised from life. 


We will discover that God has placed YOU in our CHURCH to serve and care for others, to pray, learn, and grow together all for the glory of God!