Current Series

But What About...

The hard stuff. The sticky things. The topics you tend to shy away from in conversation, just because or maybe you don't really feel the same with what the Word explains about things our culture and family even tell us to accept. This series, "What About,"  will conquer some popular yet hard topics of discussion that swirl around our culture. It is important to not just know what the Word says, but also be able to have a conversation with peace. Light is so much better than darkness and the only way we can become a brighter light is through our understanding of the hard things. 

Raised to Life

This series Raised to LIFE will focus on the power of the cross and the sacrifice that was made in our name. Bottom line sin is string, but Jesus is STRONGER!!! Our shame was great, but Jesus is GREATER!!! We have the opportunity to not just overcome but pursue the calling God has placed over our lives but accepting HIM into our hearts and taking the stand to turn away from sin and be raised from life. 


We will discover that God has placed YOU in our CHURCH to serve and care for others, to pray, learn, and grow together all for the glory of God!


TEND. When we hear this word, it throws us off a bit. It isn't a word necessarily used in our vocabulary. When we tend, it literally means to care for or look after; give one's attention to. So this year we are taking this unused word and making it our theme for 2016. Join us as we discover how badly we all need TENDING to from the only true comforter of Jesus.

Times & Seasons

Every season has a struggle we may not see and is often shaped by what we say. Yet in every time and season, there is a stregnth that we can seize. As we joinery through this Christmas Season together let us not compare our lives and stories to others, but see how Jesus is the same to us all. Loving us unconditionally and giving us what we need to pursue and press through each time and season upon us.

All Things New

During these next five weeks we will study biblical themes centered around ALL THINGS NEW. A new way to pray, love, minister, have relationships with others and the Lord, and ultimately a new way to view our self in a selfie driven world. It is our prayer that this series resonates with you and you see the potential the God has laid before you in all things!


CELEBRATE! We have so much to be GRATEFUL FOR! Jesus alone dying on the cross is the Ultimate Celebration! Celebrating reminds us that when things are hard and seem impossible there are still victories that are ours to claim! We have to look for them and remember how loved we are because of the sacrifice that was made in our name!

Focus on Your Family

Raising a family is hard. Raising a family in today's world is no joke. Pressure. Failure. Temptation. Discipline. As believers we have a responsibility to not just raise our children well but disciple them according to Jesus' teachings. As members within a family, it is important to see that the hard work that goes into creating a safe and loving environment at home will not go unnoticed. The time is now to focus on your family.