Current Series

Ghost Stories: Adventures with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit. 1 of 3 parts in the trinity and sent to accomplish God's work within us. We sing about the Holy Spirit, we talk about it, but do we understand fully what is means to have the Holy Spirit dwell within us. Our series, Ghost Stories: Adventures with the Holy Spirit will take us on a journey of understanding who the Holy Spirit is in Scripture and how critical it is for us to understand the power that has been given to us. Who lives within us, who leads us, who empowers us... the Holy Spirit is present and we are embarking on an adventure to discover what God's word says and how we respond in understanding and prayer. 

All Things New

During these next five weeks we will study biblical themes centered around ALL THINGS NEW. A new way to pray, love, minister, have relationships with others and the Lord, and ultimately a new way to view our self in a selfie driven world. It is our prayer that this series resonates with you and you see the potential the God has laid before you in all things!


CELEBRATE! We have so much to be GRATEFUL FOR! Jesus alone dying on the cross is the Ultimate Celebration! Celebrating reminds us that when things are hard and seem impossible there are still victories that are ours to claim! We have to look for them and remember how loved we are because of the sacrifice that was made in our name!

Focus on Your Family

Raising a family is hard. Raising a family in today's world is no joke. Pressure. Failure. Temptation. Discipline. As believers we have a responsibility to not just raise our children well but disciple them according to Jesus' teachings. As members within a family, it is important to see that the hard work that goes into creating a safe and loving environment at home will not go unnoticed. The time is now to focus on your family.