Be Generous: A Generous Life

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Dec 23, 2018 | Pastor Jeremiah Kerkhoff

Be Generous: A Generous Life

Series Information

December is here! Our new series, "Be Generous"is a value at The Lord's Grace and an example Jesus set for all of us. Being Generous is not just about finances. It is understanding that we have an opportunity to be generous with our time, our love, our forgiveness, gifts, and presence. 

God created us to be a light and we can be used by Him through our time and talents. 

You see, the generosity of Jesus is everlasting and rooted in love. And as we welcome one of the happiest times of the year it is our prayer here at The Lord's Grace that these messages Wille encourage you in your gifting and shift your perspective on what it means to be generous through the light of Jesus.