We want to meet you! Yeah, YOU!

We all have our “issues,” and at The Lord’s Grace we welcome you where you are in life and encourage you to take that step into coming to a Sunday Morning Worship Experience with us!! If you are visiting for the first time, let our welcome team know by turning on your flashers. We promise, we won’t embarrass you! We want to know you are here and make sure we connect with you! After service, we want to extend that connection with you by giving you a free gift for joining us today. No strings attached! Just stroll over to the connection center (located in the parking lot). Listen friends, Jesus came for us ALL! Regardless of what we have done or who we think we are! We promise to make your effort of coming to church worth your time!

See these invites below- let your friends and family know what’s happening at The Lord’s Grace!

Right click on the image of your choice, and select the option to Save the image to your computer. You can then open your email and invite that family member or friend to join us and include the invite card image.