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Worship is not just lifting your hands and singing. We believe it is our responsibility not to just display the wonderful gifts which God has bestowed upon us on Sundays, but make it a daily life component to our walk with Jesus Christ. It is the way we breathe a path of communication with our Lord and a display of our affection for Him. Every day we must renew ourselves for the exaltation of His name.

Our goal is to teach you weekly through weekly services and grace groups how to worship God wholeheartedly in all you do. This is made possible, by offering ourselves as living sacrifices, constantly fighting the battle against sin and dying to ourselves to serve our God!


Helping children discover and learn who God is and their purpose to His Kingdom!

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We take getting to know you seriously! Our desire is to provide safe and encouraging environments through group activities to foster further fellowship and growth for you and your family! All new visitors are encouraged to visit our Connection Center located outside under the canopy to receive a welcome gift. We encourage everyone to stay after and hang out in our fellowship hall located behind the sanctuary for a cup of coffee, tea, and snack! Check our calendar to see what the next CONNECT event will be!